HYPE Dhaka featured as one of the best SEO service agency by Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance and TopMarketing.com recently featured 20 agencies who demonstrated skills in writing irresistible title tags to increase in-search click-through-rate.

In their words: “Title tags are thought to be one of the most important on-page SEO factors as they can determine how many users would choose to visit the content from search.”

They also shared some top tips for writing compelling title tags. They are:

1. Research keywords to understand user intent
2. Emphasize the most unique values
3. Use action words
4. Don’t mislead the audience
5. Get personal with readers
6. Entice an emotional response
7. Front-load the important keywords

You can find more details about doing keyword research for your SEO from one of our blogs. Before writing title tags, it’s super important to set your keywords. Here’s an example of a Title tag we have written that ranked us for Celebrity Marketing Bangladesh on Google’s 1st position.

Celebrity Marketing Campaign Bangladesh Title Tag for SEO Service

The demonstration was evaluated by TopMarketingCompanies.com, which is a B2B marketplace connecting brands with digital marketing experts around the world. The site acts as a directory of digital marketing companies carefully ranked by their area of expertise, industry experience.

You can find the full feature from Yahoo Finance here.

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