How to use online marketing for your clothing brand in Bangladesh

Once you have launched your clothing brand, the next biggest challenge (besides making sure that your collections are getting made on time and within budget) is to market your clothing brand.

These days, unless you have tons of money, the best way to start promoting your clothing brand is via online marketing and social media engagement. In fact, people are more likely to shop online in Bangladesh and so it is much easier than trying to reach your target audience via retail and traditional outlets.

In this blog, we decided to provide 5 ideas that you can start implementing in your clothing marketing right away.


Clothing brand marketing Bangladesh

The one thing that you can do right now and create a differentiation factor for your brand is to come up with a tagline, slogan or rallying cry that would connect emotionally with your target market. For example, if you are targeting a female audience who loves to travel, you can think of ideas to rally them on a common cause. This could be freedom in travel. Or perhaps the empowerment that one gets by traveling around the world. So something like “Travel With Attitude” or “Wear The Power” could be a great tagline that is catchy and also add a different dimension to your core brand. So, identifying your buyer persona is very important.

Here are some examples of great tag-lines of clothing brands:


A great example of a clothing brand talking about stories and storytelling. With this slogan, Levis is tapping into the fact that every one of us has stories in our lives and they have a style to match each one.


Be Stupid” is a campaign launched by Diesel in 2010 that encourages consumers to take risks and move beyond the smart and sensible track for life. This is an evocative slogan and would only suit brands that use negative marketing as their go-to strategy.


A humorous slogan that also connects distinctly with the audience. On the one hand, it makes one nod their head and think that is true how they feel and on the other, they make one think that perhaps they too should feel like that about their Calvins! Brilliant marketing strategy.


Here we see the concept of brand heritage come into play as Lee announces to the world that Lee jeans were what almost everyone used to wear as they built the American railroads, towns, cities and more.


 clothing brand marketing Bangladesh

Everyone knows the importance of social media in marketing their brands. But the difficulty comes in not knowing how to use social media effectively. The ROI of social media is very low – at least in the short term. Unless you are in the long game, it would seem that time and money is wasted on social media.

The best way to approach social media as a marketing tool is to consider it as a storytelling medium.

So how do you do that?

Construct a robust brand story and then think of ways to tell that story on your social media channels. This means that every post, share or like has to align with your brand story and express the personality of your brand in one way of the other.

For this to happen you would have to formulate your brand story as a series of expressive ideas.

Here are a few examples of great brand stories by some popular fashion brands:


This brand tells the story of ethical factories, the finest materials, and radical transparency. A lot of fashion brands claim they use the finest materials but most do not talk about the factories they use, the conditions in those factories and possible exploitation. This is where the story of radical transparency comes out and Everlane uses this story to position itself squarely in the minds of the ever-growing percentage of people becoming eco-conscious and looking for sustainable and responsible commerce.

This is what they say on their about page about their differentiation:

“We spend months finding the best factories around the world—the same ones that produce your favorite designer labels. We visit them often and build strong personal relationships with the owners. Each factory is given a compliance audit to evaluate factors like fair wages, reasonable hours, and the environment. Our goal? A score of 90 or above for every factory.”


This eyewear brand tells the story of how it was created to fight the status quo of expensive eyewear and how one company held a monopoly over the market. This is what they say in their own words about their value proposition:

“By circumventing traditional channels, designing glasses in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we’re able to provide higher-quality, better-looking prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price.”

They continue this story by supporting the non-profit organization called VisionSpring and distributing a pair of glasses-free for every pair sold.


 brand marketing Bangladesh

Giveaway campaigns are very powerful and if done properly can result in a ton of exposure for your clothing brand during the first 4 weeks of launch. During this critical initial period, it is all about gaining brand exposure. Most businesses look for sales and do not think of the bigger picture. Don’t get me wrong. Sales are important but during launch and later on, brand exposure should trump short-term sales.

Come up with unique ideas for giveaways. This could be your own products or other prizes. The important thing is that you should promote the giveaway campaign heavily on your website, social media channels and other PR.


Clothing brand marketing Bangladesh

It is natural to look at all other players in your market segment as competition. But if you pause for a second and pay attention, you will find businesses that could be competitive but also partners. For instance, if you find a brand that specializes in sportswear but also has other items that are similar to yours, it would be a great idea to partner with that brand and cross-promote offerings.

The power of partnership in the fashion and apparel industry deserves a separate post of its own. But keeping an eye out and actively seeking partnership opportunities can do wonders for your promotion and bottom line.



If you have the money to go after well-known celebrities, that is great. If not then don’t wait till you have a lot of money to consider celebrity endorsement strategies. Scour social media and identify potential talent that aligns with your brand and talk to them about cross-promotion. Your brand’s success won’t spike until you dive into the world of influencer marketing. Fashion influencers are the second most powerful marketing force, rubbing shoulders with celebrities and supermodels. Scout for influencers that are suitable for the kind of image you want to send as a brand and influencers that will attract the crowd you want. Then, contact them and offer to collaborate. Depending on their level of influence and fame, they might be willing to endorse you in exchange for goods and/or financial reimbursement for their services. This may seem like a huge investment, but it comes with a great payoff.

The truth of the matter is, newer generations don’t respond to advertisements of any kind, they’re highly untrusting. The people who they do trust are their favorite fashion bloggers and influencers, and if you can get them to wear and post pics of your products, just wait for their followers to flock to your stores. There are many good influencers in Bangladesh whom you can contact for the collab.

It is guaranteed to give you an awesome ROI.

Unless you have a huge marketing budget, it would be safe to assume that the best place to begin your brand marketing journey would be online. With some guerilla marketing techniques and some old fashioned hard work, you can really reach your target market and generate enough interest in the brand to create a snowballing effect.