How to craft communication for seasonal content

No content calendar is complete without plans for seasonal content. Content is seasonal if it is based on a particular season, any upcoming holiday, festivals or significant event. 

Crafting seasonal content  does not begin when your pen hits the paper. All starts with your whole strategy blueprint. Not necessarily it has to be a preplanned onealways  (any trend can come up anytime). But it’s better to make early plans on your targeted seasons and events.

For Bangladesh seasonal content ideas can be something like these:

  • Valentines Day
  • Pohela Baishakh
  • Ramadan
  • Eid
  • Durga Puja
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Trends
  • Based on recent events (right now- outbreak of Dengue Fever)

I’m sure there are many more events you can name. Generate ideas for those. Remember the more exclusivity you can bring, the better reach you get. Before hitting your plan, know the main kinds of seasonal contents:

  • Time-based content (the regular seasons of the year, long weekends)
  • Event-based content (Bangla New year, Eid etc.)
  • Trend based content (Any trend the popped up)

Timing of your content:

Time is undoubtedly the most critical factor in seasonal content. Based on our research and personal experiences, it is to mention that you can create or break the effectiveness of your content with time. If it’s too early, you may not capture your reader’s attention. If it’s too late  you’re at risk of fading in the masses. 

Things to consider:

  • Peak time to share the content
  • For campaigns- the perfect time to start
  • When is to place the perfect post

 It’s also important that you don’t rush. Take your time, start pushing out better seasonal content slowly and gradually.

Creativity and Relevance:

You picked your event, set the time frame, now it’s time to focus on creativity and relevance with the event or trend. One of the greatest challenges for any content marketer is to constantly address relevant and interesting content. When you add seasonal touches to your content, it becomes much easier to finish writing your editorial calendar. 

You can start with the Public holidays and then use sites such as to define to integrate smaller “holidays.” That said, choosing subjects that have a natural link with your brand is essential. Or you can just make a post to wish a special day. Thus the audiences get an idea that you’re sincere and regular marketer. 

Season and Color:

Even while posting an ordinary post you can keep the season in mind. Maintain a theme or color for different season ( Instagram marketers follow a thematic feed for particular seasons). 

Bsidd Life’s Spring themed Pink feed:

Bsiddlife’s Instagram profile


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Seasonal Marketing Ideas:

Come up with value packages on holiday seasons or long weekends. 

On new year’s eve offer new subscription for your target market.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day special meal deals work like anything. Gifts are sold the highest on these occasions. 

Promote products suitable for an event or season.

Sending Holiday-Themed Emails that contains your offer or relevant product features.

Publish a blog that connects the season or event.

Last Words:

Crafting seasonal content can be a strong way to connect people. Through this you join their life on the same wavelength. 

Just remember to:

  • Base your content around keywords that you know are trending for that season
  • Time your campaigns just before the peak of each season
  • Prepare during your slow times
  • Use paid promotion to get your content out quickly and effectively
  • And match the season to your brand