How to be a Copywriter: Starter Guide for the Beginners

If you’re hitting this blog, I assume you already know what copywriting is. Here I’m writing to add a few new things that’ll put a cherry on top. 

By definition, Copywriting is the writing of publicity materials or advertisements.


Ever faced a question like-“What does a copywriter do?” Answer it the simplest way-“You understand everything you’re getting in your mailbox?” Well, that’s what a copywriter takes care of. Other marketing materials like websites, emails, brochures, catalogs and more- a copywriter writes everything.” 

Copywriters usually work as freelancers within an ad agency or independently. Their role is to work with customers to create ideas and messages to generate efficient advertising for selling products or services. While an ad agency’s art director will address the visual elements of a campaign, such as artwork, the copywriter will focus on the written copy.

Texts he or she writes is known as copy. A Copy is everywhere — it’s a part of $2.3 trillion industry worldwide. A successful promotion depends a lot on a creative copy. 

One thing to mention- don’t confuse copyright and copywriting. 

SEO Copywriting:

First of all, the acronym “SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. That means SEO copywriting is copies that are search engine friendly.

SEO copywriting is a sophisticated online writing form that contains key phrases — words your target readers type into a search box to find their needed information. More like, it is the act of trying to get ranked in the top results on a search engine such as Google.

Qualification required to become a copywriter:

Your creativity doesn’t require any qualification. There are promising college graduate copywriters and some who have not completed high school yet. Adding to that, here are some copywriters who are under 18 and some are retired officials who love generating ideas. Some copywriters are moms staying at home and some left corporate employment in six figures.

The only thing you need is an Internet connection and a laptop. All else can be learned from the available online materials. 

Responsibilities of a copywriter:

  • Meeting with clients and determining their needs.
  • Developing concepts and ideas created to meet the client’s needs.
  • Presenting ideas to clients.
  • Learning about a client’s products and services, in addition to the target audience and competitors.
  • Writing copy that’s clear and persuades the target audience to take action.
  • Updating online media.
  • Proofreading copy.
  • Revising and rewriting copy after receiving feedback from the creative director, client, or account team.
  • Working on campaigns from concept to completion.
  • Working on more than one campaign at the same time.
  • Working on campaigns with tight deadlines.
  • Monitoring campaigns for effectiveness.

Where to learn from:

Although to become a copywriter you do not need any academic qualifications, you need someone to demonstrate the ropes. That’s why AWAI developed the Six-Figure Copywriting Accelerated Program.

Some Free Copywriting Courses:

Becoming a copywriter has never been a better opportunity. Companies are desperate to assist them to sell their products and services to excellent freelance copywriters. So get started and shine the brightest in this career.

You can also check the basics of copywriting for this video.

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