Facebook Live in Marketing: Ins and Outs

Social media marketing is a form of marketing where social media platforms and websites are used to promote a product or service. Facebook wants pages to concentrate on generating original content, engage audiences and have longer viewing times. A new era of social media marketing has started with the Facebook live feature. Countries like China have a booming live streaming industry now. A really well-planned Facebook live is an excellent way to share long-form, thoughtful content that attracts and engages audiences like anything. Planning to work on Facebook marketing? Today’s blog is all for you then.

Step 1- Identify Business Goals for Your Facebook Live:

Every live broadcast from Facebook serves a purpose. What are your live streams going to accomplish? Be clear about the things you want to show. Nothing is more important than to know what your target market is interested in. Information about how long they are watching is revealed in your analytics. Find out what content people are engaging with and where they are dropping off during your lives. 

Step 2- Plan What Contents You Want to Share:

Showing your audience a way to do one thing that with your trade not solely demonstrates your expertise, however additionally makes your live streams—and your page—resources for further data on the same topic. Planning for the whole month and keeping a track on the schedule helps a lot. Don’t forget to take your audience places they can’t go or things they don’t have access to. 

Step 3- Maintaining Consistency:

Consistency is essential to make any marketing plan work, going live at the same time every week or every day makes a good impression. Also good for planning as you have a prefixed deadline to generate ideas. Maintain consistency, no matter what.

Step 4- Production Plan:

Many marketers are afraid of their lack of technical skills when it comes to video production. This stops them from going live or sharing video content. 

If you want to boost your production value, it’s better to invest in these tools:

  • HD webcam
  • Microphone
  • Direct internet connection via ethernet
  • Third-party live-streaming tools like StreamYard, Restream.io or Ecamm Live.

Step 5- Optimize Your Live Video Replay:

You can always prepare a good caption before you go live. In case you miss that, edit your live video post to optimize your replay after you’re done live broadcasting. Start editing a catchy title and updating the message with any links needed. Then upload a custom thumbnail and add tags that you think are important.

Step 6- Use live Facebook video across platforms:

Everything in the digital world is feasible today. all it takes is a whim and excellent research abilities to find the required tools along with the software. They can surely make your work simpler and more productive. Before starting this blog, I made a research and found out a couple of software and my final decision came down to Restream.io. Use this to broadcast live content to multiple streaming platforms. Here are some other tips:

  • Use sound bites and quotable one-liners
  • Boost your replay
  • Incorporate your video into your email marketing
  • Embed the video on your website/blog
  • Repurpose your video as a podcast

Here’s some additional tips you can look into.

That’s all the ins and outs for this topic I found important. If I have missed out on something, your feedback is highly appreciated. 

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