10 Effective Instagram Marketing Ideas

Previously Instagram was a very popular media for sharing photos only, now it has grown into the ultimate platform for marketing as well. There are more than 800 million monthly users on the web. Every day, over 60 million pictures are posted and they press the like button 1.6 million times every day.

If you have an Instagram ID, I’m pretty sure you’re aware of Insta bloggers and influencers. These bloggers and influencers have huge numbers of followers. And you may also become an influential insta-celebrity or marketer with the right strategy. To remain relevant to current followers while bringing in new ones, you need to post the right type of content or what interests people the most. But knowing which kinds of posts work best to increase your audience is not that easy.

First, it’s better if you switch your account to a business profile.

1. Switch to a business profile:

Before going further, having a business profile is really important. It’s not that tough, just go to settings and click on “Switch to Business Profile” to get started. Then you can click the Learn More button to start the process and learn about the business profile features. 

The very new algorithm of Instagram changes how and when users see the content that you post. You can beat the odds by upgrading your Instagram account to a company profile.

2. Explore the tools:

Access the Insights tools to discover what content will work for you, what content to generate in the future, and when to share it for viewing and engaging. 

Statistics such as impressions, engagement information and more can be viewed. You can even get a breakdown of your followers ‘ demographics, including their age group, gender, where they live, and when they’re online mostly.

These tools are godsends because you can use all of them to understand specifically how users are interacting with your content.

3. It’s better to post teasers other than posting direct ads:

Instagram is an excellent promotional platform for any products. And if you’re playing right with your pawns, you won’t either annoy customers or scare them off with ads.

If you push too much, your followers will lose interest and they may unfollow you. But product teaser messages are a very effective and easy way to speak about your or any sponsors products without looking like you’re attempting too hard.

4. Visual Consistency: 

It’s very important to keep a balance and maintain the consistency of your account. 

Your followers should be able to look at any of your posts and acknowledge it instantly as one of yours, regardless of what sort of picture it is. In other words, it should be your signature for your visual content. You can keep a very distinctive theme at all times. It’s also important for maintaining the feed.

5. Consistent fonts:

Using words in your posts can either create or break you on Instagram. Now that it allows you to use more than one fonts, relying on one or two primary fonts across all of your brand’s channels is a nice practice. If your profile isn’t using a set of fonts yet, attempt to select a pair that matches your theme.

6. Consistent timing:

Who doesn’t want his/her posts to reach a maximum number of followers? Be predictable. Even with Instagram’s recent algorithm,  the expected exposure your posts receive right after they’re posted. Your followers start to expect and look forward to your content if you can create a consistency of time and days.

7. Create sponsored ads:

Instagram sponsored advertisements have become widespread. What’s the best part of this? By setting an ad budget, you can monitor precisely how much you want to pay on them.

With the carousel feature, you can display only one sponsored ad or various advertisements.

This provides brands with the capacity in a whole fresh manner to target their audience.

8. Utilize your stories:

Nothing engages your followers better than stories. Instagram stories are different from regular posts as they come in a format of “slideshow.” They’re only live for 24 hours, so people have an urge to check them very often. The advantages of Instagram Stories are nearly endless. stories are shown at the top of the timelines of the followers, where users are checking and getting aware of your everyday activities.

Brands can use stories to gather insiders that may not be as “high-quality” as standard posts behind the scenes. They can even be funny and more engaging.

And you don’t have to be very picky about stories because they’ve got a shorter life span than your posts and very casually added. 

9. Hashtags:

Instagram is not completed without hashtags. 

Recently, Instagram rolled out the option to follow hashtags, which ensures that instead of a user searching for an Instagram hashtag and scrolling through an infinite feed to land on your desired content, your posts could now automatically appear in feeds of potential followers. Use trendy, relevant and easier hashtags. I recommend choosing hashtags that describe your account, your interest (maybe business) and your target market.

10. IGTV: 

IGTV gives users access to video content up to an hour-long, ideal for marketers or influencers who are more comfortable with videos. IGTV has channels like old school television, which brands use though they like. You can create long-term series episodes for hours or use Instagram TV as an extension to your standard Instagram profile. Here are a couple of tips: 

  1. Videos are vertical and full screen.
  2. The full 60-minute recording time is only available to verify or large accounts.
  3. IGTV videos play both in the IGTV app and Instagram app.
  4. Swipe up call-to-actions are available in videos.
  5. Advertisement options are not available yet, but Instagram may be working on this.

11. BONUS TIPS: Instagram Scheduling through Creator Studio

Yes! you heard it right. Instagram introduced post scheduling from the desktop and through creator studio, you will be able to pre-schedule your content now.

Never forget to come up with exclusive and interesting video contents. That will be a cherry on top. Happy Instagram Marketing!

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