Customer Focused Copywriting: How to Master it

Copywriting is the skill of writing sales promotions and other marketing materials for goods, services and campaigns.
It is the ultimate art of writing persuasive messages that encourages people to act. If you’re blessed with writing skills, this blog will polish it even more.

You need to master one simple rule if you want to write a copy that converts:
Be colloquial!
It engages your customers like anything. When you do this, prospects will say: “This product is for me!”. They may click on the buying option.
How to do that?
Hold on a second. I’m putting some strategies that might help-

Use Social Media:

Reddit is an aggregation of American social news, web content rating and blog for discussion. If you’re a registered member, you can submit content such as links, text posts and images to the site, and other members vote up or down.
To use it, head over to a subreddit where your target customer hangs out.


Reddit has a blessing called “thread”. Now, take a look at some of the most popular recent threads:

Look at the language people use to describe what they like and don’t like about the current products on the market. Find your product for which you’ll be writing the copy. Use the language of your customers.

If you’re from a region where Reddit is not used, try a closure look at Facebook groups. In those, people post a lot about several products, queries, problems.
So jot down the words people use to describe their problem. Do some research on those.
Then do the same as I mentioned before. That will be a great help to write a more customer engaging copy.

Customer Survey:
Customer Surveys are godsends.

In particular, you may want to ask these questions to customers:
“Why did you decide to buy this?”
“What was the first thing that made you think: Yes, that’s for me?”
“Which product did you try before?”
“How was your experience with the other similar goods?”

Yes, for customer research, positioning, creating new products, and more, these responses are priceless. But they also help you write copies that speak to your target audience directly.

You can even use open-ended questions for better understanding. But to be honest, those make people bored.
Also, depending on your product, you can also ask questions about the following topics:
Age and demographic information.
Biggest struggles
Spending habits
Business challenges


Reviews can be collected from Amzon.com, facebook pages, and other websites.
In Facebook, people try not to be too rude. But on Amazon As you’ve probably seen firsthand, people don’t hold back.

And you can mine these brutally honest reviews for standing out copies.

Interview Your customers:

Looking at your calendar – the 60-minute blue box marked “Customer Interview” – you find yourself praying that it will somehow … just … disappear.
But trust me Interviews are like customer surveys on steroids.
That’s because you can dig deeper with follow up questions.

I think that’s where it differs from customer surveys. It helps you understand your customer’s challenges WAYYYY better than a one-way survey response. Once you understand them, you can generate better copy ideas.