Buzz Marketing in Bangladesh

Buzz Marketing is the practice of creating hype about a specific product, service, brand or business between users and consumers. It is one of the Word-of-Mouth types in which users are giving a buzz, i.e. creating a hype among customers about a product or service they’ve experienced lately. 

Buzz can be of any type- online or offline. Online buzz is the hype that you’ve learned from social media because it went viral. Buzz that spreads worldwide, social media marketing plays a pivotal role in creating them. This “buzz” marketing is highly effective for spreading the word about any product or service.

How to Get People Talking:

According to the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, marketing strategies that have the following attributes keep customers happy and make it easy for them to discuss a product or service with their friends and peers. Such marketing methods:

  1. Encourage communications through website forums and social networks.
  2. Give people something to talk about with information that can be easily shared or forwarded and publicity events that inspire people to tell others about what they saw or experienced.
  3. Create communities and connect people such as user groups, fan clubs, and message boards.
  4. Work with influential communities by identifying influential people and informing them about the company’s plans and encouraging them to share such data.
  5. Research and listen to customer feedback which can be done by tracking online comments to social networks and collecting survey data.
  6. Engage in conversation by establishing blogs and a social media presence and contributing to them on a regular basis.

Buzz Marketing in Bangladesh:

During the ICC World Cup 2019, which one was the most popular campaign? With an array of projects, Lifebuoy introduced a breath of fresh air to the domestic cricket scene, one of which is a very popular campaign called ‘ Khelbe Tiger, Jitbe Tiger. ‘ In fact, I’m sure these are the most heard words in Bangladesh during this World Cup. 

Almost everybody is talking about this catchy ad they saw between matches. Moreover,  in the minds of marketers, Lifebuoy consumers will also discuss the businesses behind those commercials. On top of that several memes were made and got viral in Facebook. So, people talked a lot about “Khelbe Tiger, Jitbe Tiger”. This was a very good example of Buzz Marketing. 

Business Competitions and Buzz Marketing:

Business competitions have become a good tool for promoting brands. The title sponsors always focus on their marketing. So sometimes participants have to make TVCs with hashtags. The TVCs with the highest number of likes and views qualify for the next round. So, all the participants try their level best to get as much as likes they can possibly get. That’s how the varsity students talk a lot about their brands- thus Buzz Marketing is done smooth and perfect. 

In addition to, Good Luck presents Brandrill arranged by DU, SKS presents CorpoRiddlerz arranged by BUP, Robi presents Ad Maker arranged by NSU – these are some examples of business competitions where the brands got enough reach and created good buzz.