Short Guide to Optimize Your Image for the Website
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Optimize Your Image Most of the time when we download a photo from website and...
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Marketing Terms
100 Marketing Terms You Must Know
Marketing Terms You Should Know We often use different jargons in our workplaces. Have you...
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Safe Check
How to do a Safety Check before Visiting a Website
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Why Link Safety is Important Most of the cyber crimes are happening through the spam...
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buyer persona
Intro to Buyer Persona: Know your Customer Before Selling
What is Buyer Persona? A buyer persona is the representation of an ideal customer based on...
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buyer persona Public Relation
Choosing Public Relation Method – Digital or Traditional PR?
What is PR or Public Relation? Public Relations is a term which defined as strategic...
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Co-working is Fun, isn’t it?
Co-working is Fun Imagine you’re an entrepreneur with high dreams and a limited budget, or...
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