9 Steps You Should Follow to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

These days, there is no shortage of content. Can you deny? But trust us the market doesn’t necessarily need any more just content. They need meaningful, actionable, fun, amazing content, anything but excessive and mediocre. To meet this, you need a good content marketing strategy. Did you know that 63 percent of businesses do not have a well-documented marketing strategy for content? Without a proper strategy, success or failure is merely a matter of luck – and you risk wasting all your efforts.

We all know what content marketing is. Let’s take a closer look-

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

Here’s some step by step strategy for the betterment of your content marketing:

#1 Set Your Mission and Your Goals

Don’t start from scratch. A good starting point for your content strategy plan is setting out a statement of the marketing mission. This is a brief statement that makes it easier to focus on what’s important – and what’s not.

Mission statement outline:

  • Your targeted audience. 
  • The content you are going to use to reach them. 
  • The benefits they’ll gain.

A mission statement will help you to:

  • Improve revenue as a result of your marketing strategy for content. 
  • Increase your sales and receiving leads of higher quality that will assist you to fulfill your income objectives.
  • Reduce marketing costs, as your content becomes more effective.
  • Make social media engagement, which can help with both traffic and authority

#2 Know Your Audience

You need to be apparent about who your audience is. So that you can create the correct content to reach them for a successful content marketing approach. There are three measures you might wanna take-

The first step is to collect demographics (Age, gender, education, income) and other information to create an ideal profile of your customer known as customer persona.

#3 Get Feedback

To learn more about your target audience, try collecting feedback from your present customers. How they feel about your current content and what their most urgent needs are these are some efficient feedback. Thus you can work on understanding your readers’ and subscribers’ priorities. 

#4 Assess Your Current Position

You have many competitors. There’s already content for those companies. This will include content on your blog, as well as content on social media, podcasts, videos, etc. 

So your next strategy is to figure out whether that content is helping you to meet your goals.

#5 Figure Out the Best Content Channels

As you work through this process, you will start to get an understanding of where your audience is hanging out and where you have an online presence that is already successful. Instead of trying to do everything at once, it’s best to focus on what works and expand from there. So, analysis the predicting data. With this information, you can easily decide which networks to target to get social media engagement and shares for your content.

#6 Decide your Content Types

Most effective content marketing strategies are based on a key focus of content posted on your own site that can then be repurposed and shared on several other sites. So, map your contents accordingly. It can be video marketing, blogs, posts, visually attractive copies, etc. You’ll also want to include other types of content to improve engagement.

#7 Create a Content Calendar

An editorial calendar or a content calendar will help you. You’ll need to know exactly when to publish your content on each of the platforms you want to use as part of your content strategy. Peak moments are very effective in reaching your target market. 

#8 Find the Questions Your Customers Ask

Type a topic into the Public Search box Answer, and you will find a list of questions that people have actually searched for on Google. Come up with answers to those questions. How life would be if those problems were solved. It will definitely help you improve your content. Alternative you can also use popular forums like Quora.

#9 Measure Results

Finally, it’s time to evaluate the success of your marketing strategy for content. To do this, check on your prior strategy plan for content and see what’s changed and whether you’re reaching your goals. If you find positive changes, you’ve made it! If you don’t, no worries. Work a little more on the strategies mentioned above. 

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