5 Strategies to Boost Sales for Your Business

Sales have a very important impact on the growth of a business, be it any product or service. The sales department plays a vital and important role in the achievement of the company in any company. Sales ‘ distinctive and significant function is to bridge the gap between the requirements of the potential customer and the products offered by the organization that can meet their needs. This small read is all about ideas and strategies that can help you boost the sales figures. 

Show it as if the product is limited in stock:

If any website or a store shows only a few items are available in stock, it definitely catches attention faster than anything. The psychology behind this is people value things more highly if they’re scarce. We can always relate it with life. We’re far more motivated by the fear of losing than by the desire of gaining, right? This works for all the people of all regions and even more effective in our country Bangladesh (Indian Sub Continent).

Add countdown timers to limit any offer:

Use of timers to draw attention of even more customers. With some perceived advantage, this tactic is often used to act quickly, such as a decreased cost or some extra bonus items. In websites, it’s better if you go for a simple animated timer. Here are some countdown timer bar apps for your use:

  1. Countdown Cart by Beeketing
  2. Conversion Plus by Varinode, inc.
  3. Sales Countdown Timer Bar by Spurit
  4. Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom by Hextom
  5. Countdown Timer by POWr by Powr.io
  6. Hurrify ‑ Countdown Timer by Yousef Khalidi
  7. Under Construction by Appsonrent

The psychology of exclusivity is a phenomenal concept:

If two similar items are priced the same, consumers are often less likely to buy one than if their prices are even slightly different. Depending on the product, positioning and location matter. For example, When it comes to a ready-made flat, the location matters. Because the same ready-made flat will not cost the same when it is in Mirpur and when it is in Gulshan. In the same way, positioning of wristwatch matters, the sale of the 100$ watch will increase when it is placed beside a 500$ watch.

Free Trials/Try Before You Buy Offer:

A trial before buying anything is common is spot purchase. When it comes to online shopping, The client does not fully trust or comprehend the item.v Which is why it’s better if you offer them a trial. A few brands have come up with this option where you can ask for a trial of a few dresses at your home. If you like one or two you can purchase it there and then. Software companies often give a trial period to their potential customers to see the advantages of getting it so they can purchase it later. Companies that sell high-cost products or companies that supply PC software and other technology in specific use free routes, but also work very well for food and drink goods – attempting a free sample often leads to buying.

Offer  Package Deals:

A bundle of products or services that comes at a value price sure attracts many potential customers. “Buy all three dresses for the price of two”, “Get this set menu for only (An amount lesser than the sum of individual items), ‘ Meal deals ‘ where clients can purchase a sandwich and get a beverage and a crisp bag for free -these are some good examples of this. This offer is particularly common with holiday planner agencies that include everything in a package rather than providing the flights and the hotel individually and sometimes give a discount to clients who do it this way.

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