10 tips to open & optimize your Facebook business page for the first time

New to online business? You may want to utilize Facebook – one of the biggest social media to boost it. Facebook is a very powerful tool for marketing. You’re aware of this already. After all, it is the largest social network in the world. It opens unheard communication avenues for all. Businesses have never been able to achieve their client base so readily and at such an intimate level before. Of course, that means you can’t go into it by yourself without a definite marketing plan.

Don’t have one right now? Don’t worry, We’re here to help. 

#1 Create your business Page

You must create a business page to represent your brand — not a personal profile. Pages look quite similar to personal profiles but contain unique tools for companies, brands, and organizations. For example. Setting up a page is simple. Just click here and follow the step-by-step setup instructions.

Facebook Page Type

#2 Claim the vanity URL of your page

Once you have created your brand/business page, you will receive a number and URL allocated randomly. You will want to build a recognizable vanity URL (e.g. www.facebook.com/hypedhaka) to make your Page more shareable and simpler to find. Visit this page to generate a vanity URL, then follow the steps. 

Facebook Vanity URL

#3 Add your Logo as the profile picture

Pick a profile picture that will be easy for visitors to recognize. I suggest picking your unique logo for this. It is important to be recognizable and to get found, especially when it comes to Facebook Search. Make sure the logo fits the square shape facebook profile picture shows.

#4 Upload a great Cover Photo 

The page design of Facebook allows you to display a cover photo of 851x 315 pixels at the top of your business page. You want to optimize that cover picture to capture new visitors ‘ attention, promote them to explore and learn more, and provide an efficient mobile experience. All these while making sure you follow Facebook’s Page Guidelines.

#5 Understand the Facebook Algorithm

The algorithm for Facebook chooses when and where the organic page posts and advertisements of business appear. It is changing and evolving continually. Marketers must, therefore, remain on their toes constantly so that they can find out what to expect. It’s very important to know the updated ins and outs to run a successful business page.

#6 Write an Elaborate yet Standard-sized Description

The description tells people what your page is actually about. The more data you provide potential new fans, the more likely they will stick around. You are restricted to 155 characters, and the search findings show the description, so you’ll want to think about how potential visitors might be looking for a product or service.

#7 Optimizing Your Facebook Page Preview

If someone is hovering over your Facebook page, a page preview will be previewed. This enables potential followers to know more about your business, regardless of whether they see it as an ad or see content shared from your site. They also see this preview when in the About section of a private profile they swing over related products and companies. They also check the buttons you add.

Facebook Page Preview

#8 Get the “Very responsive to messages” badge

Try to reply to the inbox queries frequently. If you respond rapidly to most customers who send you messages on Facebook, you will earn a “Very responsive” badge. It’ll be visible under the cover picture of your Page. Here to mention, you will get this badge only if you have a response rate of 90 percent. This badge creates a very good impression. 


#9 Add Milestones

This feature is a blessing. This allows you to highlight some of the greatest achievements of your company, such as award wins, releases of products, significant events, or other achievements. Recent milestones will be posted on your timeline, Users can reach them later in your “About” tab.

Click the “Timeline” section of your Page to add milestones and press the “Offer, Event+” option on the update page.

#10 Call-to-Action

What do you want people to do on your Facebook page? Avail a gift or newsletter? Buy something? Sign Up your website? Check a menu? Create a call-to-action button to give them an easy way to do so – here’s how-

  • Click on Add a Button under the right corner of your cover photo.
  • Choose the type of standard button that best fits what you want to do.
  • We’d recommend at the very least adding a Get In Touch button and a Learn More button.
Facebook CTA

These are the initial steps to start your business page on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more on this topic. If you’re new on Social Media and would like to use it for growing your business, you can contact us for a professional social media marketing service. We are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. But, open to working remotely too.