10 Digital Marketing Tips to Promote Your Hotel/Resort Business

We all love travelling these days. As our work pressure, stress level and monotony increasing, the need for vacations are being a basic need, can you deny? So for escaping, we travel to new places and we look for hotels or resorts. 

Adding to this, these busy people book their accommodations mostly online. So, if your marketing strategy is well-planned, you’ll shine in this industry in no time. 

Mobile bookings account for 27% of all hotel bookings, an increase of 13% over the past year. As the majority feel more comfortable making payments online, these hotels need to be more effective reaching them. Here I’m dropping 10 ideas that might help you planning even more effectively-

#1 Create Eye Appealing Content

Hire a good photographer who knows the right frame and angle. A natural good photo attracts more than highly edited ones. So, your photos should be natural, authentic and well organized. Good visualizers would be a great help in decorating proper photos (Where to keep what before taking a photo).

#2 Create Different Campaigns for Different Target Audiences

Not all of your guests fit in one demographic, so why implement a single marketing strategy?

Successful digital marketing for hotels is based on knowing your audience personas. A hotel in the Bay Area, for example, could have the following personas:

  • Honeymoon Couple.
  • Visitors who want to spend their time enjoying local beaches and theme parks. 
  • Event visitors arriving for a specific sporting event or concert.
  • Business travelers attending conferences. 
  • Solo business travelers looking for a romantic stop. 
  • Locals looking for a fun night out.

There are different concerns and needs for each target audience. Your locals want to make sure that you have excellent food while visitors want to make sure that your hotel is in a good location. Whereas the couple cares only about the environment.

#3 Address Questions Potential Guests Might Have

Before booking a hotel or resort guests usually have some queries. If you want to cater to consumers, you need to address their concerns. A large part of hotel digital marketing should be addressing location, event, and room-related questions. You have enough space for all visitors, for example, and is it free of charge? Have you got parking for the RV? Does it  have a pool?

Although this information might be on your website, you can attract customers to your digital marketing content by making it clear.

#4 Talk to Your Chef Before Creating Food Content

Food is a highly visual part of social media and a great way of sharing photos of beautiful colors. It is also a great way to take local customers to a fun night out in the downtown area to enjoy your restaurant and bar.  

Talk to your chef and bartender about the specials they make or any upcoming dishes of season they’re planning to add in the menu. Ask them to plate the food decoratively before getting a food photoshoot done.

#5 Promote Local Events

Another way to connect with local residents is by supporting local events in your area through your hotel’s digital content. Let your fans know they are happening and you need not be involved in these activities for that.

Or whenever you’re coming up with offers or any special event, make sure your content is well-matched with the theme. Add information as detailed as possible without making it redundant. 

#6 Market Around Upcoming Conferences and Concerts

Many conferences may take place in your hotel or resort. Make posts in social media about them. Share the event details from your facebook fan page. 

#7 Update You Profile in Travel or Booking Website

The more updated your profile is, the more likely it is to get clicked by people looking for a hotel. 

Trip Advisor



These are some websites people follow frequently. They get to know about your hotel and get a chance to book. So, these profiles play a very important role in promoting your business. 

#8 List Your Hotel and Resort on Local Directories

For second opinions on hotel choices, many guests turn to local directories. You want to see how people at the resort perceive and whether reviews on one site match the others. Local directories can also help attract residents who want to stay or perhaps have a nice dinner. Many may on a budget tour, so staying at a friend’s but now want a special dinner. The first thing they’ll explore is local directory and then google map suggestion. 

It is a good idea to add specific information about your hotel on Google My Business.

#9 Offer a Complementary Stay to Travel Writers & Bloggers

One great thing is to give travel writers a complimentary stay who have audiences in the demographics / locations of your target market. Treat them well. Their posts and photos or a good article on your hotel/ resort will attract many. Nas Daily is a good example of such travel bloggers.

#10 Come up with Offers in Peak Seasons

There are vacation seasons. Offer new packages on that time. Collaborate with several apps or Cards. If people get an offer in their cards, they’ll sure search for your hotel. And if it’s convenient enough, may avail it. 

In the age of the internet there is no escape to the world of booking, but strategic hotel digital marketing will ensure your hotel/resort is shown on most of the search websites. Thus you can stand out in your business and be a successful marketer.